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Navigate the new creative landscape

Sub Rosa Studio pioneers innovative creative ventures at the nexus of publishing, music, and media, utilising cutting-edge technologies like Web3 and XR. Our diverse portfolio spans original writing, visual art, and music, all aimed at redefining the digital landscape of creative production. Through strategic collaborations across disciplines, we foster a dynamic environment for experimentation and innovation. Highlights include groundbreaking publishing projects that challenge conventional narratives, collaborations with emerging artists and musicians to push genre boundaries, and immersive media experiences leveraging Web3, Virtual, and Augmented Reality technologies.


Our collaborative projects span groundbreaking augmented reality exhibitions, including partnerships with XR:WA, WA Museum and the City of Perth, as well as immersive music experiences with iconic musicians like Jeff Martin. These endeavors redefine artistic expression while embracing emerging technologies, inspiring innovation and captivating global audiences. 


Join us in reshaping the future of storytelling and artistic expression. 

Sub Rosa Studio is actively seeking innovative collaborators to join us at the forefront of creative exploration. If you're passionate about pushing boundaries and redefining the landscape of publishing, music, and media, we want to hear from you.

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